Curriculum – Library:

Library Classes encourage a Love of Reading for enjoyment, information & exploration, support Christian values,  & [interrelate] Library & Life-long Learning skills, Communication skills & Art basics.

Library Skills Teaching Sequence

Kindergarten through Third Grade
Read stories that include alphabet & counting things

Fourth through Sixth Grade
DD # Categories define
LS Study Sheets=Book Terms / Types of Stories / DD Cat
DD# Cat. quiz
Library terms Jeopardy
Au Ti Su Jeopardy
Dewey Decimal Bingo


  • The Joy of stories
  • How to locate their level books & care of books
  • Recognition of shapes, colors, letters of alphabet

First Grade

  • Difference between fiction/non-fiction
  • Difference between books/magazines

Second Grade

  • Definitions of Author/Illustrator/Title/Subject
  • Dewey Decimal Bears = Basic DD Categories

Third Grade

  • Basic parts of a book
  • Definition of Fairy tale
  • Difference between Index/Table of contents
  • Difference between Encyclopedia/Dictionary
  • Dictionary usage
  • Activities:
    Book Terms scramble teams
    Guide words teams
    Dictionary Data
    U-Shelve It
    Fict Aut/Title order teams

Fourth Grade

  • Difference between Atlas/Globe
  • Thesaurus use
  • Definitions of Folk Tales/Oral Tradition/Fable
  • Difference between Biographies/Autobiographies/Biographical
  • Sketch/Bibliography
  • Activities:
    Table of Contents / Index teams
    Thesaurus / Dictionary teams
    Dictionary look up/define teams
    Mountain Scramble teams
    Card Cat word search teams

Fifth Grade

  • Definitions of copyright/plagiarism/publishing
  • Activities:
    *Coop wk bet library, computer & classroom reports
    What kind of book is this?
    Reference Quest team
    Which DD Category? team
    Library terms
    Biographical sketch
    Encyclopedia look up teams
    * LS Final quiz

Sixth Grade

  • Definitions of allegory/parable
  • Activities:
    LS Word search/definitions teams
    Encyclopedia/Almanac Look It Up teams
    Atlas Practice teams
    * LS Final quiz
    Art Basics = {Rainbow color order / Primary, secondary & contrasting colors-color wheel / Using various media: crayons, water color, markers ‘special crayons’ on diff types of paper / scissor use / blending colors / 3-dimentionals / various lines / right brain drawing / “Thinking out of the box”}