Curriculum – Physical Education:


  • All team sports
  • Individual sports
  • Some fitness testing
  • Activities for a lifetime
  • Creative games
  • Written work

Classroom Expectations

  • bathrooms ( ask permission /encourage students to use bathroom before or after class
  • Drinks / ask permission (most classes will go to parish center after PE)
  • Excused absence (only a written note is acceptable)
  • Wear proper shoes and clothes
  • Enter and jog three laps (1 for K-2) around red line and then quietly get into squads or good space
  • At the end of class quietly get back into squads or line up on black line
  • Earthquake, fire, rainbow procedures
  • Do not touch equipment until it is time
  • Permission slip to go to Capital Mall

P.R.I.D.E. (positive attitude, respect, improvement, doing rather than watching, enthusiasm)

  • Give your best effort
  • Respect others and equipment
  • Have a positive attitude towards activity and classmates
  • Share equipment
  • Good sportsmanship