Curriculum – Physical Education:

  • To provide an environment in which the development of the whole child can unfold.
  • To provide an environment where each child can develop his/her greatest potential.
  • To see the body as the “vehicle of the soul.”
  • To recognize and appreciate that each person is unique and special in God’s eyes, and has particular talents and gifts.
  • To provide a balanced educational program that contributes to the positive moral, social and emotional development of all students.
  • To provide a framework where teamwork, healthy competition, good sportsmanship, and a cooperative spirit are expected and fostered.
  • To prepare students to meet the physical demands of our society and ensure an active and balanced lifestyle of work and leisure.
  • To provide an atmosphere in the physical education setting that will allow each student   the opportunity to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and just manner.
  • To provide an environment where each child can explore and appreciate the need for lifelong participation in fitness, recreational and sports activities for healthy living.